About Us

TunePad was created by the Tangible Interaction Design and Learning (TIDAL) Lab at Northwestern University in collaboration with the EarSketch team at the Georgia Institute of Technology and with funding from the National Science Foundation (grants DRL-1612619, DRL‐1451762, and DRL-1837661).

Northwestern PIs: Michael Horn, Nichole Pinkard, and Amy Pratt
Georgia Tech PIs: Brian Magerko and Jason Freeman
TunePad Design: Michael Horn, Amartya Banerjee
Software Leads: Michael Horn, Amartya Banerjee
Software Contributors: Dillon Hall, Cameron Roberts
Curriculum Lead: Melanie West
Curriculum: Melanie West, Michael Horn, Wade Berger, Izaiah Wallace, Cameron Roberts, Nihar Gagneja
Graphic Design: Tom Knapp (https://99designs.com/profiles/celadon)
Interns: Victor Aung, Cameron Roberts, Dillon Hall, Diego Lucero, Nihar Gagneja, Poom Sombutboom, Rachael Tang
Partner Organizations:
  • Evanston Public Library
  • EvanSTEM and District 65
  • Lake View High School (Marshaun Brooks)
  • NAACP DuPage County
  • Y.O.U. Evanston
  • James R. Jordan Foundation
  • James R. Jordan Boys and Girls Club
  • Gary Comer Youth Centers
  • University of Michigan Wolverine Pathways
  • Truman College, Chicago
  • BBF Family Services
Alumni: TunePad has been lucky to have had fantastic contributors (curriculum, music, software) and facilitators. A huge thank you to: Arthur Mergner, Elham Beheshti, Idrees Kamal, Emily Kang, Eunice Lee, Georgette Boateng, JaCoya Thompson, Jamie Gorson, Josh Kim, Kenneth Clair, Manav Trivedi, Michael Martinez, Mmachi Obiorah, Nayah Boucaud, Izaiah Wallace, Russell Gillespie, and Sachin Pradhan.